The Adventure contiues…

210 183 172 170 171 166 125 124 251Friday morning I woke up bright and early. We had to get packed up to head out. We left about 10 am after a pretty poor continental breakfast. We stopped at places all along the way to take pictures. There is so much to see, each day it is a new site, a different angle or even just the way the light hits it.

One of our stops was at Bedrock City. It was so much fun. The kids and adults had a blast. It was a mini replica of Bedrock… complete with the Stegosauruses!

We then headed to the canyon. We decided to take a shuttle bus to one of the areas on the South Rim. There were three stops all very beautiful. Dad continues to scare Chris to death! He wants to get up close and personal with the edge and Chris is terrified of heights. Mom tries to tell him but he just won’t listen.

After that we headed to another area for shuttle buses only. We were given access because of us needing handicap accessibility. This was by far my favorite part of the South Rim. Words cannot describe how breathtaking it was!

Our second day at the canyon ran a little long. We were heading to a town named Cameron(where my dad said he was sure there would be motels). Turns out it is a little spot on the map with lots of scenery on the way, none of which we could see because it was pitch black outside. I decided we would head to Page. That was another 150 miles away. We got there close to 11:30. I stopped at the first motel I came to. The clerk was very friendly and informed me that every room in the town was booked…ugh!!! He suggested driving onto the next town 250 miles away(not an option) or the Walmart Parking lot. I opted for the parking lot. That was quite the adventure. Walmart is not 24 hours but lucky for us the McDonalds next door is. So we were able to go there for potty breaks. While uncomfortable, it definitely saved some money.

As it turns out Page is another tourist town with tons to see and do. But we were headed to the North Rim. On our way out of town we stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam…it was magnificent. After we all got back into the car , it was onward another 2.5 hours.023

The North Rim, while beautiful in its own right, was not my favorite. It took a very long time to get there and there was really only one area to overlook. It was very scary as the edges on this side were dirt and rock…it would not take much to slide the wrong way!074 078

The highlight to the North Rim was the herd of buffalo we seen traveling across the meadows. There were about 300 of them. The babies were adorable! The kids wanted to get out and roll around in the dirt with them!!!063

After leaving the North Rim we headed back into Utah. Utah is a gorgeous state! As it neared the dinner hour we decided to google places near us to eat. Dad found the Cowboy Buffet and Steakhouse to be the most interesting. While heading there we came across yet another canyon, Bryce Canyon. OMG… it was amazing. The color of the rocks is second to none. We ended up in a little town, very quaint. We checked into a Best Western Plus for the evening. We got the Queen Suite. Such a great hotel! After we checked in and got settled we headed out for our dinner. The buffet was ridiculously overpriced at $21.99 a person. It was so not worth the money spent!

After a good nights sleep, we wandered down for the hot breakfast that was included with our room. We enjoyed eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and a whole slew of other stuff…YUM! We hoped to stay another night but after checking with the front desk, I found our room had doubled in price… ridiculous for a Sunday. My guess is they lower their prices in the evening to try to fill up but we did not have time to wait around and see.

Our morning got off to a rocky start. Cassie left her retainers on the breakfast table and they got thrown away… there goes another $250 dollars! Mom lost her cane and then her credit cards… ugh! I am going nuts with everyone losing everything!

On our way back on the road we stopped at numerous places to capture the beauty of this land. Cassie wanted to hike up the rock at one point so I let the kids do it. Little did I know they were going to go off the beaten path. Mind you this rock juts up into the sky. It is full of little rocks that make for easy sliding. Thankfully they made it up in one piece. Now the coming down was another story… Cass wanted to go higher while the boys decided to play it safe. So to speak! They made it to an area where the only way to come down was on their butts for a little while. Both boys cut their hands on the rocks. Chris cut his the worst. They were then able to stand up and walk across to the path…not easy but they made it. Cassie who traveled the same way was taunting the boys as they had to slide. Well it sure came back to bite her. Not only did she have to scoot on her butt too but she ended up sliding past the point of no return… the only way to get down was to make it straight down… talk about scary!!! Darn kids are trying to give me a heart attack!249 248 234 235

On the road again, I am determined not to stop again. Headed into Piute, we come across a beautiful lake. Mom would like to see it closer up. It is a state park no big deal. $5 later we are headed in… I am driving along what appears to be a road, Other people are parked down by the water, why can’t I get closer?306 304 Well I will tell you why!!! It is sand and we are not in a 4 wheel drive vehicle! Stuck we are… Chris tries to get me out of it, Dad tries to get me out of it.  Chris decides it will be a good idea to take his shoes off as they are full of sand and he might be able to get a little more leverage in the sand… not a smart move! I am finally able to start moving and I hear Chris yelling at me to stop as he chases the vehicle… his feet are burning literally! He now has blistered feet to bring back as a souvenir! After yelled at one too many times about why I am not moving forward and backwards when I am told… I finally get out of the drivers seat and say have at it. Well that worked great for a minute… Chris and I were pushing while trying to give dad direction… not an easy feat…lol! The hearing thing is definitely an issue at times unless we are trying to get away with something. When all was said and done we were buried pretty deep in sand! I got on the phone to Triple A and Chris headed down the beach to solicit help.  We were very fortunate, 5 gentleman came to our rescue. The one was able to pull us out with his tow rope and truck. YAY us… we were on the road again! Well after we had to navigate out of the riverbed… which was very rocky! I saw a couple of cute little bunnies and one little creature that moved to fast for me to see what he was… dad wanted no part of trying to figure it out.

Today is Cassie and Cams turn in the backseat… they were bickering back and forth so I took away the electronics. They found other stuff to amuse themselves. They were putting bags on their heads and playing… whatever keeps them amused!270

On the road again… well sort of! We stopped at just about every overlook and rest area, much to my fathers dismay! But it was beautiful.357 308 353 520 364 394 402 410 415 463 472 477 502

At one overlook my dad thought it might be funny to mess with the kiddos… Cameron was first! “Cam what is that behind you? No don’t look, hold still”.. he pretends to grab something off the ground! I ask them to pose for a picture and dad sits it on Cams shoulder…”Grandpa, what is that? It smells!” Dad smells it and realizes it is piece of poo from one of the animals…lmao! He then proceeds to have each of us smell his hand! Nasty man!!! I say  to dad, mom is going to kick your ass n throw you off this ledge if you take that shit over to her… mom hears me and says if you weren’t shitting yourself all day…. hahaha…. there were people close to her.

Onward we go… our stopping point for this leg of the trip is Green River!!! We are staying in a suite with three queen beds… I got a steal on this room! Only $89.00 for the night!


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