Today marks day 7 of our adventure out west. We made it to the Grand Canyon! What an awesome experience to see it in person.

We left our motel in Flagstaff around 10 am. It is an hour and a half drive to get to the Canyon. Along the way we went through two National Forests. Just outside of the GCNP is the Grand Canyon Village. There are quite a few hotels and restaurants there. We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch.

Chris had to get moms walker out of the trailer for her. As he was working on disconnecting the many ratchets and bungees, one disconnected and flung its way towards dad. It hit him  in the leg and doubled him over. Thank goodness he was able to recover from it rather quick! We all had a good laugh!

We made it to the National Park by 1 pm. It costs $25 just to enter the park. Once there we attempted to find the Canyon but this visitor center area is massive. Finally we found the trail to the Mather Point Overlook. It was absolutely breathtaking.

My kids were on a mission to scare me to death I think. They were constantly going to the edge… there are no guardrails. 008 009 010 012 017 021 033 039 040 041 043 044 048 057 062

We spent about 4 and a half hours there walking the South Rim Trail. It was an amazing experience. Cameron’s response was… this was worth the trip! He never imagined  being somewhere like this.

I was so exhausted after our day! We got back to the room around 8 pm our time(which is 3 hours behind Ohio time) I cooked dinner in the room. Nothing fancy… macaroni and sauce. The kids whined about it so mom and dad ordered them pizza from a place called Nimarco’s. I tried a piece and they have some good pizza. Loved the crust!

Tomorrow ends our stay in Flagstaff… We will spend a final day at the South Rim and then I am not sure where we are headed next



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