Towels… do you ever think about them?

Have you ever found yourself opening the linen closet and digging to the bottom of the pile for the perfect towel in there?

I have a smorgasbord of towels! All shapes and sizes. They range in age from 2 years to 10 + years. Why do I have so many you might be asking? Well… back in the day when I bought my house, fifteen years ago, my parents came to stay with me. We merged our towels. Then they moved out and left some behind. While we were living separately we each purchased towels here and there for our respective households. Four years ago, they came to live with me again. So begins the second merging of towels. I felt mine were great, mom felt hers were great! Neither of us wanted to get rid of any. We reasoned that with 9 people in the house we would need all of these towels.

This has been an ongoing dilemma. For those of you who don’t know my mother, she is a pack rat maybe even a hoarder. I unfortunately suffer from the same disorder to a certain degree. So here we are with well over 40 towels in the linen closet. This does not include the beach towels… we just have to have or the washcloths that always seem to be dirty, add to that our numerous hand towels and oh my gosh my linen cupboard could just explode on laundry day!

Alright, so back to the topic at hand, the perfect towel. I find myself looking for the right size and fluffiness for what I need. The problem is that the other people in my house do the same thing. The difference is that when I remove my towel from the bottom of the pile, no one can tell, when others do it, I open my closet to find unfolded towels, towels on  the floor and just in a general disarray. I hate that!

This morning I found my dishtowel drawer in much the same disarray which is what brought me to this whole train of thought. All of my towels have a time and place. Some days I want the bright yellow towel while others I find myself reaching for that poor little forgotten towel that no one else wants(of course sometimes that is my only option).

Is this a sickness that the people in my house suffer from? Am I alone in this craziness?


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