What is your happiest memory? Describe it in rich detail — the setting, the sights, the sounds, the smells.

My happiest memory is my wedding day. It was Sept. 23, 1995. Jim and I were to be married in an outdoor ceremony at our favorite park, Squires Castle. It rained the whole week leading up to the day. But Saturday came and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I have been told that it was a little chilly but I never noticed. Fall was definitely in the air… the clouds were so big and fluffy. The birds were chirping and it was sunshine all day!!!

I remember staying up late into the night the night before… we were finishing up the cabbage rolls for the reception, getting my nails done and spending some quality time with my family. The morning of the wedding I woke early so that I could get my hair done… a co- worker was doing it for me and she had to work, so into work I went and on her break she made my hair look beautiful!

Running a little late, I rushed home to start getting dressed for my 1 o’clock wedding… A little snafu with the bustle had me running even more behind. I remember standing on a kitchen chair staring at the clock saying… “It is 12:45 and it takes a half hour to get to the park. I am going to be late!” In the meantime, Jim was trying to assure our minister that I would be there as he needed to leave by 1:30ish to be at another wedding ceremony by 2pm.  Talk about nerves on Jim’s part, My aunt almost had to step in for me!

I remember piling into my mom and dads van with this huge dress on and being nervous the whole drive. When we finally got there I was so relieved. The ground was wet from all of our rain and my shoes were sinking in the ground… it was so crazy!

I remember standing by a tree waiting with my dad, for the wedding march to come on our ghetto cassette player. Whoever recorder that CD really needed to cut the other song short or fast forward it. With the minister being impatient we didn’t even wait for it to start… so we began the walk to my smiling husband to be… what a wonderful day it was!

This year marks our 18th year. What a ride its been! Everyday I am blessed to have him by my side supporting me in whatever strikes my fancy at that moment whether it is being an active participant in our Gridiron Club or being an Allrecipes Allstar! I couldn’t have gotten luckier!


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